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Healthy Vitamin B12 Injections

Direct injections of vitamin B12 (MIC-12) into your system can help maintain health throughout your body.

Let Men & Women's Premier Health Solutions determine if your B12 levels are low and if injectable B12 therapy will benefit you.

Aiding in Nerve Function and More

Vitamin B12, sometimes called cyanocobalamin, offers several important benefits.
  • Maintains the health and function of nerve cells
  • Improves digestion
  • Promotes heart health
In particular, B12 helps your body form the protective covering of nerves, which is known as the cell's myelin sheath. Since certain nerve cells are needed for neurotransmitter signals, when the B12 levels are low, your cognitive functions can suffer.

Low B12 can also lead to digestive disorders and an increased risk of heart disease.

Professional Medical Attention Throughout

As we administer the B12 injections, our labs will continually monitor your condition to ensure you are getting the benefits you need.

Let natural vitamins improve your life in many ways. Come see our new clinic today at 3410 E. Johnson, Ste T or call to schedule an appointment at 870-333-5488. We have free Wi-Fi and free parking.
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